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Avoiding A Collision


When a several ton semi-trailer is hurtling toward you, it might seem nearly impossible to avoid the impending collision. However, there are several steps to avoid a collision as a motorcycle driver, mainly through predicting the actions of other drivers on the road and abiding by the traffic laws

  • 1. Take a Course

All motorcycle drivers should obtain a Class M license to operate a motorcycle, which involves taking a motorcycle safety course approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety. This course is very important for motorcycle operators and provides what to look out for every time you ride a motorcycle.

  • 2. Predict the Actions of other Drivers

Driving a motorcycle requires that you develop a sixth sense to predict the actions of other drivers on the road. This will help avoid collisions and the devastating injuries that can occur after an accident. This skill is handy when cars pull out in front of you or change lanes next to you. The anticipation that no vehicles and other drivers observe you on a motorcycle is a helpful tip to keep in your side pocket. If a car looks like it wants to pull out in front of you, automatically assume that it will do so and lower your speed or switch lanes. If a car looks like it is about to switch lanes, thereby running you off the road, anticipate that it will do so and slow down to let it switch lanes. Being a conscious and courteous driver will help avoid many of the deadly and dangerous collisions that occur between motorcycles and motor vehicles.

  • 3. Ride at the Speed Limit

Many hidden dangers can be easily observed if you drive at the speed limit and have time to avoid a collision from occurring. For example, observing a road hazard with enough time to swerve out of the way or brake could prevent a collision with a vehicle in the other lane. If you are traveling too fast to make a last-minute change in action, you may hit the road hazard or crash into an oncoming vehicle while attempting to avoid it at the last minute.

  • 4. Stay Alert

Certain times of the day are more prone to angry drivers, drivers under the influence, and scared drivers. Road rage accidents often occur during peak traffic times – before and after work. It is important to stay alert to the actions of other drivers during this time and allow other drivers to cut you off or pass in front of you and thereby avoid a confrontation. Drivers are also more prone to be intoxicated on the roadways at 1AM on the weekends, and it is therefore important to be on alert for vehicles which look like they are swerving. Inclement weather can also produce terrible drivers. Bad weather is already difficult for motorcyclists, but it is important to predict what motor vehicle drivers might do, and recognize that they might not see you in severe conditions.

Staying mindful of the actions of other drivers on the road will decrease your likelihood of being involved in a dangerous motorcycle accident by a large percentage. While you may always drive with the utmost safety in mind, other drivers on the road may not be as aware of their actions and it is important to remain alert and predict the actions of other drivers as a motorcyclist.


If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, do not hesitate to contact the Malley Law Firm. Tony Malley has years of experience in assisting his clients with their personal injury claims after a motorcycle accident has left them with terrible injuries. Contact our Beaumont or Houston office today for your initial free consultation.



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