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The purchase of real estate is an exciting time in any person’s life, whether it be the first purchase or the twentieth. However, real estate can also be full of legal issues, regardless of the size of the tract of land. Even the smallest residential property can hold an easement which has long gone unrecognized. If you are experiencing any real estate issues with the purchase or sale of property, or simply the ongoing maintenance of property, do not hesitate to contact an experienced real estate expert.


Real estate negligence can include the following:

If you have been involved in a real estate transaction gone wrong, you should not attempt to pursue any sort of legal action without the help of a reputable, experienced attorney. Real estate-related legal proceedings are often confusing and drawn out with complex documentation. Legal advice from an experienced attorney is critical, and Malley Law Firm is here to guide you through any necessary legal proceedings, solve any unforeseen conflicts, and win your case alongside you. 

Real estate of any size is a long-term investment, and verbal agreements and handshakes don’t do the trick. If you have found yourself in need of a real estate attorney, choose the one who knows how to protect your rights and your property. Contact Malley Law Firm today to get the assistance you need.


Texas is the largest state in the contiguous United States, and much of this land encompasses acres of ranch land throughout the state. In some instances, this land can be traced back to the initial settlers of the state, and therefore the passage of title has gone only within the family, without ever returning to the state itself. In other cases, the state has imposed their own easement of the property and holds title to the underlying mineral rights of the property.

Texas, as a state rich in oil and gas, has unique real estate situations where the “top” part of the land may be divided from the “lower” mineral aspect of the land. In these situations, property owners must acquiesce to existing leases on the property when acquiring a tract of land. An oil and gas lease may have been in place for decades prior to the sale, and the division of the “top” and “lower” portions of the land mean that the land owner has little say-so in what occurs below the property.

Property owners in Texas not only have to deal with the pivotal aspect of “clean” title to property, but also must keep in mind the following items:

  • Conservation easements
  • Mineral rights
  • Pipeline rights
  • Deeds
  • Oil and gas wells
  • Title insurance
  • Closing costs
  • Eminent domain

In much of the state, pipelines cross over tracts of land, and semi-trailers hauling crude oil or natural gas are a common sight. It is important that you consult with an experienced real estate expert prior to the purchase of your tract of land to ensure there are no “hidden dangers” on your property, such as conservation easements. As time goes on, these easements may prove to be a burden on your property and may impede your ability to enjoy the property or even sell it in the future.


If you are in the process of purchasing or selling a tract of real estate, do not hesitate to contact the Malley Law Firm. Tony Malley has years of experience in assisting his clients with their purchase or sale of real estate, and ensuring that title is clean prior to any sale. The intricacies which absorb the real estate industry are often complicated in Texas, where the mineral rights of one tract of land may be divided 100 ways. It is important that you consider all the options during the sale of real estate and understand any issues which may arise in the future. Contact our Beaumont or Houston offices today for your initial free consultation.

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