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Jet-Thrust Injuries


Texas has a number of beautiful lakes and rivers which seem to scream out to vacationers and locals to take advantage of the water. However, this also means that many inexperienced jet ski riders take to lakes to show off to friends and family, or to simply have a good time. Jet skis are more difficult to operate than they appear, and require careful training and understanding of the jet-thrust system.


Jet skis differ from ordinary watercraft in that they have a feature to allow them to steer with a thrust. Jet skis generate this thrust through the use of a removable nozzle connected to the jet pump. This differs from other motorized watercraft which feature a thrust that is downward-placed and therefore assists with the steering of the watercraft. The positioning of the thrust on the jet ski directly impacts the ability to steer and operate the watercraft. Therefore, the jet ski operator’s ability to correct steer the watercraft may be impacted once the operator releases the throttle.

Operator error frequently is at cause for jet ski accidents caused by jet thrust. Inexperience is one of the top reasons for jet ski accidents. Jet ski operators who have not had much experience do not know how to accurately gauge turns and how to manipulate the jet thrust in different scenarios. The jet ski thrust can additionally jolt a passenger off the jet ski into the path of the water jet, which can lead to serious injuries.

Manufacturers also sometimes incorrectly assemble the jet thrusts, leading to jet ski accidents and severe injuries that can happen once an operator releases the throttle to generate the thrust.


Jet-thrust injuries can become quite severe given the nature of the accident. Many accidents are the result of steering errors, whether that be the result of the operator’s negligence or manufacturer error. A jet ski operator should be experienced in manipulating the throttle and the thrust. However, the lack of experience in operating jet skis is one of the biggest factors in any jet ski accident. A jet ski operator who suddenly speeds up or attempts a curve may cause an accident or lose their passenger without the proper experience on how to use the thrust appropriately. These errors can lead to life-threatening injuries for the jet ski operator, their passengers, and any others in their path.

A jet ski operator may be held liable for injuries caused due to their carelessness in operating the jet ski. A manufacturer may be held equally liable if can be proved that any component of the jet ski was defective.


If you or a loved one have been injured in a jet ski accident caused by the jet thrust, do not hesitate to contact the Malley Law Firm. Tony Malley has years of experience in assisting clients with their claims against jet ski operators and jet ski manufacturers. The jet ski throttle and thrust are powerful parts of the jet ski and can lead to very serious injuries if not used in the proper way. Contact our Texas offices today for your initial free consultation.



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